Switch from WinCC to Perspective - Performance goal


I recently switched from WinCC to Ignition Perspective for big projects and am looking to build our company library. Are there any obvious tips & tricks and notes to keep in mind when making template views & popups for pumps, valves etc? What is the best performance wise when using dropconfig udt? Path or Bind?
Can i remove parts of the Bind that i'm not using in the template?

I assume I will use alot of template views & piping for my projects. Calling for a popup to be openend to control/monitor the views.

Also I can't really find an easy way to filter the operations log. If I enter parts of a tag, it won't find it unless I filter by using the starting text (eg DB_Sensor.SensorA wont filter by typing SensorA)

Any tips for transitioning from WinCC to Ignition and keeping smooth performance?

WinCC has a local runtime. Ignition Perspective is browser-based, and all of its runtime number-crunching and UI customization executes in the Ignition server. You will be comparing apples to oranges. And they scale differently.

Ignition's local runtime is Vision. When large numbers of table rows are involved, or many thousands (or even millions) of data points to chart, Vision vastly outperforms Perspective. I recommend you create some sample conversions of pages like the above in both Ignition runtimes and compare (to each other and to WinCC).