Switch Notification block

Goal: Switch alarms on and off by site without making a separate pipeline on each individual alarm, all alarms are already setup to go out one pipeline.
Idea: Use pipeline components to “filter” and separate.

{displayPath} property is set on all alarm - so I am trying to use that, shown below
Example: Alarm’s tag/display path –
" GasWellSites/Apollo/Wells/3M/GasFlowMeter/HiHi_alm "
" GasWellSites/Midas/Wells/3M/GasFlowMeter/HiHi_alm "
" GasWellSites/Zeus/Wells/3M/GasFlowMeter/HiHi_alm "

Trying to use the Switch and split apart the tag path and check against the second part (Apollo) which is the site name.

Once split I and exits the switch correctly; it will then jump to another pipeline that is setup for each site and switch on/off, enabled/disabled by a toggle on screen. (I can do this last part)


The switch block uses expressions, which can’t do variable assignment like it appears you’re attempting. Try something like:

    split({displayPath}, "/")[1, "parts"],

I tried it just like that, but I changed the “N/A” the Apollo name and made the value “Apollo” . The failover is executing and it is not pulling the Apollo name out.
If I run this, the alarm gets sent out.
If I run this, the alarm does not go out.