Switch User Popup based on time

Hi ,
I need to implement a scheduling mechanism that opens the "Switch User" window at 5 minutes past the hour during shift changes (7:05 AM, 3:05 PM, 11:05 PM).
\ I've tried using a scheduled timer, but the popup closes when I try to navigate the screen by clicking other buttons. How can I prevent this from happening and are there any alternative solutions?

You could call system.security.lockScreen on your schedule, which will bring up a username/password input prompt that must be entered before you can interact with the rest of the client:

Thanks for the suggestion Griffith.
But the customer asked for the customized window as below,
Any other ideas Griffith?

Lots of ideas in this thread:

My personal answer would be to tell the customer that system.security.lockScreen is the only way to do it. The lockscreen window looks almost identical to that popup, and this is a fairly ridiculous thing to split hairs over. But I'll leave that up to you :slight_smile:

Blast from the past!

I went this route because the implementation would allow for navigation to work from a bottom nav bar, whereas the default lock screen wouldn't. I would also like to note I created the original implementation in the FPMI days, and I am not sure if I would have did the same thing after having 15+ years of experience. It works fine, but it is another thing to maintain.


Any other idea like, whenever the switch user popup opens,
clicking the background of the window /navigating should be disabled as in 'system.security.lockScreen()?