Switch user problem

hello all, i need help with the following.

i have a window that lets supervisor would be using. the window is to create a pallet. so supervisor has access to change the the default information, and to select lots, from a dropdown. and other data. so for example they would choose lot 34 from the dropdown. they would need to switch to the operator user which does not have access to change that.

problem is i have try many different ways and every time i switch the user the dropdown and all other info goes to default value. so is there a way to capture the information before the switch user executes, and once it executes set those property values back to what i have capture before. i have tried many ways to do this but was not successful.

the data it is reset to the default i guess because of the bound property to a custom property which product data. so what i need to do is
Get the property values.
switch user. which will close and reopen the window.
after it is open, with and invoke later, set the values to what i capture before.

any help would be appreciated.

The simplest solutions would be to either ensure that the users switch to a supervisor account before they start editing the screen, or put those supervisor-only values on another screen that supervisors can temporarily authenticate into to access. Without actually switching-user that is.

If you’d rather keep things as they are, you could bidirectionally bind each value of your editable component properties to client tags. Client tags won’t get reset when changing users.