Switching a tag path parameter inside a popup

Hello All,

I have a popup window that is passed a TagPath parameter when opened. I would like to put a dropdown on this popup to allow the operator to switch the tag path the popup is using without having to close it and click again a link to open it back up with new tag path. Has anyone done something similar to this? I had it half way working(seemed like it has race conditions) but it was causing odd messages in my gateway log “Flood Limit Reached”. I think it was due to cyclic bindings updating in an infinite loop.

Any insight is appreciated.



You need to use a uni-directional binding between the popup parameter and the dropdown value parameter. Then use a property change to monitor the dropdown. Have the property change check if already equal (meaning the value came from the system, not from the user) before the scripted write-back.

Also be sure to be on the newest version (8.1.12+). Popups with viewparms had a bug if you used bidirectional viewparams. (they still kinda do in very niche situations)

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