Switching Between Engineering Units - Best Practices

Hi guys,

I would like to create various multi-state buttons per window that allows the user to switch between different engineering units and am wondering if/how anyone has implemented this elegantly.

Do you create a tag for each different unit?

How do you make it so that if 2 or more vision clients are running the same window, that 1 person doesn’t change another person’s units?



You could create a tag for each unit then use indirect tag binding to determine which one you wanted. You also could create tags in one unit, then depending on maybe what check box is selected just convert the standard unit to the one wanted. It really depends on how your client is setup, number of tags, etc. on which way to go.

Each client is independent of each other, so any conversions inside the client won’t affect another, as long as you are not writing to tags. If you do write to tags, then you’ll setup them up as client tags so they are individual to each client. this is a vague answer. More information on your situation will help narrow advice down.