Switching from MySQL to MariaDB

I’m planning on moving my DB to its own VM (currently on the same VM as Ignition), and I want to switch from MySQL to MariaDB. I’m using MySQL WorkBench GUI, which I’ve tested with MariaDB. It works mostly, but some features don’t. Any suggestions on a different workbench to use with Maria?

I am playing with DBforge. On RPi. For a maker project I am playing with.

I really like the database diagram tool. Its been flawless so far.

My free trial is over. I am considering buying it.

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It turns out that MariaDB comes with an option to install HeidiSQL tool upon installation. This allows basic GUI editing of databases. I found another tool that was really interesting called Moon Modeler. It was pretty neat, I really liked it’s UI.

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I switched over to DataGrip recently. Very powerful and really nice features and can connect to just about any DB.


+1 for DataGrip. Wish I could add up all the hours it’s saved me. Pays for itself very quickly if you are doing a lot of DB work.


Thanks for the suggestion, I will definately check it out tomorrow.

Interesting. I’m preparing to switch to IntelliJ and was considering getting their entire toolbox. DataGrip clinches it.


Another +1 for DataGrip.


I use the IntelliJ Idea IDE for developing my Rust code, the DataGrip has a similar look and feel. Appreciate the suggestion! :fire::fire:

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Another one to consider is DBeaver. Immeasurably better than Workbench and also free.

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