Switching from single provider to tag history splitter provider

I'm referencing the Tag History Splitter video from Inductive University. I'm wondering if my goal is achievable without individually updating many existing tags.

I currently have 1000 tags & only one mysql database connection serving as both the real-time & history providers, with 3 years of data.

I'm thinking of implementing the tag history splitter because I want tolimit data in this real-time provider to 3 months, & keep all data older than 3 months in a new, separate mysql database connection. I want Perspective to query the real-time provider for data under 3 months old & query the new history provider for all older data, which seems doable from this video

My question is: is this achievable without individually updating the storage provider on each of my 1000 tags, switching them from the current provider to the new tag history splitter provider? At the end of each daily partition, I'm copying yesterday's table from the real-time database to the proposed history database, hoping this will achieve my goal without editing the storage provider on 1000 tags

I'm just wondering, "Why?". Is it some reason other than query speed?

The query speed is unlikely to be affected, as far as I know, because of Ignition's historian partitioning. It only looks up the daily or monthly tables included in the query date range.

Storage space & cost. Idea is to keep most recent 3 months of 'real-time' data on expensive hardware, & move less frequently accessed historic data to less expensive hardware

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I read the docs & answered my questions on tag groups