Switching to a different project without signing in again


I am trying to navigation to a different perspective project by clicking a button in the current perspective project, but this requires you to sign in twice. Is there a way to navigate to a different project (potentially on a different gateway) without re-authenticating?

I have tried using the Menu Tree component with the URLs in the target property, as well as navigation events on buttons, but both require reauthentication.


I believe the easiest solution here is to use a federated identity provider. Then the authentication you provided for the session with project A would be used automatically for project B.

Our architectures only ever use a single Perspective project, and we separate them logically within that project to mitigate this kind of issue (among others). So others may already have some “hacks” that could get you there. At the end of the day, my guess is that there’s an inherent security design decision baked into you not being able to do this easily (if at all) without using federated identity.

If you think about it, if a user opens a page from 2 different Perspective projects (even on the same gateway) they’re going to have 2 sessions, because each project will have its own session properties, etc… Authentication gets you authentication for a session. So when you navigate from gatewayurl.com/../../projectA/page1 to gatewayurl.com/../../projectB/page1 you’re creating a new session, which will always require authentication. Unless you use an identity provider. They may still need to click a “login” button, but no user/password entry.