Switching Users or Elevating Roles using Identity Providers with Vision

I am working on an application that wants to be able to use badge readers, along with Active Directory (DB Hybrid). As I understand, Ignition needs to use the database + Identity Provider authentication method for badge readers to work.

What I am hoping to learn is how to make this work AND be able to switch users while keeping the screens active, i.e. not logging out and still navigable, just view only. I can look of inactivity to auto-login the "viewonly" user, or a popup that allows a user to login as a different user, without navigating away from the current window if I use the classic authentication strategy. But classic doesn't seem to natively allow badges to be used.

Is there a way to do what I want with the Identity Provider...or a better way to do this altogether? Again, this is a Vision application, running 8.1.26, in a distributed environment with an EAM, Multiple Front end client servers and multiple back end tag servers.

I'm hoping someone has some ideas and the answer isn't "You can have badges or easy user switching, not both!"