Symbol Element Error & Self Created Custom Properties


While I was working on a project in Perspective which had Symbols from the Symbol Factory, suddenly some of the elements in every single Symbol started having errors as followed:

#1. elemenets[].stroke.width. string found, number expected.
As you can see from the screenshot “stroke.width” is already a number and to delete the error I had to enter the same number again and it took it as number after that.

#2. elements[].fill.paint. does not match the format for color.
The colour suddenly changed to none in every Symbol in my project.

Also as you can see in the snapshot, there were additional CUSTOM properties added for the same Symbols automatically and even they have bindings that were never defined by me.

Colour: value
Key: null (With binding)

These errors happened in every single Symbol in my project. I hope you can assist me to solve it.

I’ve come online to look if anyone else is having this problem. The Perspective module seems to create its own errors when you change, for example, a coordinate container from Fixed to Percent and visa versa.

Perspective automatically changes the values, then throws up errors about numbers/strings/objects being expected or found when something else is being expected. I have found this happen on the positioning, colours of components (even though I’ve disabled the left/right arrows in Carousel, Perspective has created errors on the colours of the arrows).

This happens all the time, so I’ve started just ignoring them as I don’t have time to keep correcting the error, only to have it reappear the next time. I think this must be a bug.