Symbol Factory (Edit the symbols for better animation)

I have Symbol Factory install with my ignition 7.9.10 and I use a few of the graphics, I would use a lot more if I could do a better job of “Animation”.

Can I purchase the Symbol Editor from Symbol Factory and will this give me what I need to make more animated objects?

I have the “Professional Version” of CorelDraw v16 so I can create very robust vector graphic, I just can’t create the various properties that I would need to control in a graphic object.

Are there other options that anyone can recommend?

You do know that they come in to a window as vector right?
You can drill down into the symbol and animate/change any part of the symbol.

No, I did not know that. So once placed on my window how do I drill down? I’ve been trying to read up on this but have not seen this information.

Could you point me where to look in the manual or a tutorial?


Double click it once placed

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Or drill down in project browser pilot

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Ok, Thanks.
I will study some more.