Symbol factory mirror horizontal to perspective

Hi I’m developing an application with perspective version 8.0.12. I need your support on 2 points in particular.
1- I can’t understand how I can perform a horizontal / vertical mirror of the images uploaded by the symbol factory.
2- My application involves the graphic representation of a water treatment P&I, I use all the symbology present inside the symbol factory and I load them inside a coordinated container (x, y), but when I go to resize my worksheet I realize that the objects move unevenly as they have been designed. Is it possible to solve this problem?

I thank you for your help

Good job

To mirror horizontally, add a transform: scaleX(-1) key to ‘styles’ - this uses CSS in the browser to flip the image:


For the latter - there’s a lot of different options to (try) to preserve things. To start, try specifying an aspect ratio in the coordinate container’s options. That will have some negative ramifications for layout, but makes the layout calculations a lot less likely to break.

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Thank you for your support

But does the mirror function in version 8.0.12 not work?

Am I wrong?

It should, but regardless, is there a reason to still be on 8.0.12? Does it work in an actual session, outside of the Designer?

Thank you

Hey PG, I can use scaleX(-1) for horizontal mirroring a No crescent arrow, but can’t use scaleY(-1) for vertical mirroring.

Can you use scale(-1, - 1)?

Thank you sir, I try a vertical arrow, by using scaleY(-1), the arrow can flip vertically, but not horizontally. OMG…

Can the Symbol Factory images be mirrored in Vision too?

You should be able to use the mirror functions to do that in Vision in the drawing toolbox

Thanks, do you mean the mirror functions described here:±+Image#VisionImage-Examples

Do you have an example of how to use any of those? For example, where would I type in the “.flipVertical” ?

I was talking about these in the Drawing Tools bar:

Those other properties (flipVertical) apply to the Image component if you’re using that

Excellent, I somehow never noticed those tools, I thought the only drawing tools are those on the right toolbar :slight_smile: