Symbol factory trial

Hi. A bit confused. Symbol factory in designer tells me I can only use one object per category and I see that the module is in trial. I also have the vision module installed. Doesn’t this already have symbol factory if so any idea why it’s not working? Do I have to uninstall symbol factory (trial) for vision to kick in?

Symbol factory used to be an optional add-on module that was separate from Vision. I’m not sure if that’s changed (seems like it might have clicking through the pricing configuration real quick), but based on the versions in your screenshot you’ve got an Ignition and license old enough that it could pre-date that change, if it changed.

So upgrading ignition would fix this?

Refresh/reactivate the license. If it’s still in trial mode you’ll have to talk to your sales rep.

I can’t reset the 2 hour timer in ignition it’s green and at 0:00, I’ve tried a bunch of stuff but just won’t reset. I also thought vision module included symbol factory or does it not in 7.9.4? And I’m guessing my sales rep would be softwaretoolbox? I gave them a call but not much luck as of yet.

No, your Ignition sales rep.

Resetting the trial timer isn't what I'm talking about, on the license page there should be a button to reactivate or refresh the license.

7.9.4 may not have included Symbol Factory for free. Ask your sales rep.