Symbol Factory

I was wondering if anyone has any screen shots or comments about this module. I am familiar with it in WonderWare.

Symbol Factory is now included in the Vision Module. Basically, when it is added to Ignition you get another item in the Project Browser of the designer called Symbol Factory. You can double click on it to see about 4000 vector graphics from a variety of categories. You can drag in any vector graphic to your window.

They are vector graphics that scale (not images). You can apply transformations to them like tinting and cutouts. See this page in the user manual:

If you already have Symbol Factory (ie you purchased it directly) you can export them to svg and bring them into Ignition.

I tried downloading the module but when I attempt to install I can’t locate the .modl file.

From the downloads page you should right click on the Symbol Factory module and select Save Link As. That way you can control where it saves.

I can locate the folder I just cant find the actual .modl in the zipped file.

I am not sure where you are looking. Just download the .modl file from:

I have downloaded the file to my desktop when I select the zipped folder it will tell me I need to select a .modl file. I have tried extracting into another folder with the similar results. I have also changed the ext to .modl that worked but it was faulted. I am sure its simple and I’m missing something.

No, you need to rename the .zip file to a .modl file. I think IE is converting it to a zip file when downloaded.

This is what im getting.

Symbol Factory 2.5.1 (b31) Vector graphics clipart library for the Vision module. Trial FAULTED

What version of Ignition do you have? You must have 7.3+


In order to use the Symbol Factory you must have Ignition 7.3.0 or higher.