Symbolic Link to Project folder

I’m trying to setup a symbolic link for an Ignition project and am having trouble doing so. My goal is to have different versions of a project stored in different folders outside of Ignition’s data/project’s folder (so as to not have Ignition handling multiple versions of a project unnecessarily since only one version needs to run a time). Then I’d like to setup a symbolic link in the data/project’s folder to whichever version of the project I want to currently be running. Then to change the project version, I would just need to update the symbolic link to the correct project version.

I’m aware that I could just move/copy the whole folder into Ignition’s data/project folder but that seems much messier and not as efficient as just setting up a symbolic link.

The problem I’m running into is I can’t get Ignition to recognize the project when I setup the symlink. I tried creating the folder manually and linking everything within that folder and that caused Ignition to recognize the project but then Ignition didn’t recognize any of the windows or nested files…When I would try to create a new window, I get an error that says ‘’ is not a folder so it seems as though Ignition recognizes that it is a symlink? Or is there something I am missing?

Has anyone had any success in accomplishing something similar? Thanks in advance!

I would use git with different branches.


@pturmel - I thought about that but ran into a couple of problems that make using git with different branches more difficult:

  1. Our server doesn’t have access to our remote git repo (due to security)
  2. Our git repo is rather large and I’m hoping to just put a small portion of the repo on the server (I could use sparse checkout or clone filter)

Wanted to share an update here cause this problem was difficult to troubleshoot. I created some symlinks in my projects folder and then I wasn’t able to take a gateway backup anymore because Ignition didn’t know how to handle the symlinks in the projects folder.

Was told that I could put files that start with ‘.’ in the projects folder and Ignition will ignore those. That fixed my problem of not being able to take gateway backups.