Sync of Images between Gateways

EAM does not seem to have an option of syncing images/icons between gateways. Is they any other way of doing this? I cannot seem to find the folder where they are stored…

Ok, so I found the image data in the Internal DB. Any ideas of how to sync that? Or plans to add this to EAM?

Hey Ryan,

Check out this blog post: … n-projects

It shows how to store images within your project so that when you export your projects your images come with it.


Hi Ryan,

Did you ever get a solution to this?

The link above is no longer working.


For some projects and low usage images we still use the default “out of box” image management and just remember to import/export the images between gateways when we deploy projects.

For other images we created a folder on the gateway and use WebDev module to serve up the images to our projects. Then in the project we use a standard scripting function that returns the full URL to the image based upon the gateway/client the script is executing from.

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We don’t have a Webdev licence.

I’ll have a live with manual distribution.

Really seems like a job for EAM