Sync Services and remote tag provider Configuration question?

I am using the Edge gateway site as a remote tag provider to the Main Gateway.
On the main gateway I have a history tag provider tied to a SQL database. titled “master”
On the Edge gateway I set up sync services Data Sync to sync to this “master” history provider

The storage provider on the edge gateway tags is the default “Edge Historian”. This history data doesn’t sync to my main gateway. Does this configuration seem off to anyone?

It feels it just writes to the “Edge HIstorian” vs sending the data to the “master” history provider.
Is the issue the edge gateway being where the tags reside? Is there a configuration option I might be missing ?

It sound like the Sync Services configuration may not be correct, or you may not have configured the Service Security on the “Main Gateway.”

This thread also covers the most common issues with Sync Services setup:

Kvane, Thanks for responding in the last reply is a diagram of what i’m trying to configure everything works but the store and forward I have listed in the box to point at the main gateway and “master” history provider that is tied to the SQL database. I also have adjusted security services for query and storage.

Does anything in my diagram seem off?

Thanks for your help I will read the document and check all my configurations again.

Sound like a job for the Tag History Splitter. I’m not sure if this is available on edge but it should be. The idea would be to collect the data (in the edge server) though the splitter instead of directly storing to the internal DB. The first connection should be the internal DB and the second the remote tag provider.
Note the the splitter will handle to push data to the remote history tag provider.

This means that something is missing in your diagram, the edge gateway should have a remote history provider which source is the db connection made by the main gateway to the external SQL.

The remote tag provider at the “main” has nothing to do in your diagram because you’re focusing on history instead of live values across gateways.

So maybe I’m understanding things wrong. Should the tags be native on the Main gateway not the edge

I was under the understanding if the connection fails the internal historian takes over and gets those historical values to the DB after the connection is reestablished. The problem is if the tag provider is the main gateway when the connection fails I lose access to the tags which is why i moved the tags to the edge.

So my current setup the site tags are on the edge gateway if there is communication fail between main and edge my plan is the internal historian takes over and does the store and forward of the historical values when the connection is reestablished.

Is it possible to have a remote history provider in EDGE? the only option i have found is the internal historian.

Thanks for your input I will look into the Tag History Splitter

I don’t know hehe.

But I think you are complicating the scenario when introducing the internal db. Store and Forward is a mechanism that uses disk memory and the internal db is something different.

Should the tags be native on the Main gateway not the edge

No. The point of Sync Services is to send data from the edge of the network to a central server. The tags should be on the Edge Gateway.

I was under the understanding if the connection fails the internal historian takes over and gets those historical values to the DB after the connection is reestablished.

This is correct. The Edge Gateway will still only see the one week of data that it can hold internally, but it will allow you to store the data in a more permanent database that can be viewed from other Ignition systems.

I may be missing something, but it seems like your setup is already correct for what you are trying to achieve.

Thanks for your help looks like its setting I need to figure out.


Awesome thanks, this helps me focus on settings knowing the configuration is correct.
When I figure it out I’ll post what the thing was here for anyone coming across this in the future.

@kvane, one more question. I have verified store and forward is working by using the “database query browser” on the Main gateway tied to the SQL database.

Tag changes are written to the database when connected and when the network connection is severed and reestablished the store and forward works.

What is weird is in the edge gateway status section it just shows the local storage adding records to send but it never clears out and shows them as sent even though they are in the Database.

also that number will stay at 475 unless I uncheck the “remote history sync enabled” when I do that it updates the count by how many times I changed tag values. when I recheck “remote history sync enabled” it locks on the number displayed unless the above process is repeated.

Aside from what this status page shows the store and forward is working as I would expect.

have you seen this before?

Thanks for all your help

Glad to hear things are working as expected.

There is some unique behavior in Edge with how it tracks local storage. I am not aware of the expectation for the Status page reporting. Depending on your version it might be a bug - I recall earlier 8.1.X versions had misleading metrics here on this page.

sounds good thanks for all your help.