Sync UDT's between 2 gateways

We have a HA/redundant architecture. In this there are 2 Ignition Gateway servers which are load balanced. What can be done to keep the UDT values in sync between the 2 gateways? We have done it using expressions and SQL queries. But want a direct way, as the SQL queries then need to be fired too frequently consuming a lot of bandwidth.

Have you looked into gateway networking?

Hi, the Gateway networking just gives the status of the gateways. My question was how can we keep the tag values in sync? Is there any configuration that can be done? Also, if there are some tags that are created at runtime, will that be created on the second gateway as well?

Use a Remote Tag Provider in one gateway to interact with the tags in another gateway.

Sorry, should have pointed you to this one:

Also some pertinent videos at Inductive U.