Synchronise flashing colours

Is it possible to synchronise objects with flashing colours on the screen, e.g. using style customers with animated properties on Fill Colour?

At the moment, I might have 10 valves on a screen and if all are in fault but have come into fault at different times, it looks a shambles because they all flash between their two colours at different times… I guess one thing going for the current display is that it looks awful and might alert the operators more readily :sweat_smile:

You would need some sort of window-based timer that all components could synchronize with. A Timer component would work here.

See the very-basic example attached.

Window_Timer_Flash.proj (13.4 KB)

We often use a “flashing” bit for our projects: a memory tag that gets toggled every second via a gateway script.

Then we can let the colours depend on that bit to make everything flash synchronously, even across templates, popups etc.