Synchronize Date Strings between multiple Power Chart Historical Time Series Data

Is there a simple way to synchronize the selected time strings “Start Data Time / End Date Time” for Power Charts on different windows using memory tags or something?
Client wants to select the range on one window and then tab through other windows with similar power charts.


You are mixing terminology here: Power Charts are Perspective components while Windows are Vision objects. Which are you talking about?

Sorry, I ment “Easy Charts”

Use Vision Client Tags, bidirectionally bound to the charts in the various windows.

What I tried earlier was to create two standard memory based Date String tags, “StartDate” and “EndDate” and I bound them to the Start Date and End date ranges in the Easy Charts properties. Didn’t seem to like it much…
I’ll try it again…

Don’t use a string type. Use the Date type directly to avoid any type coercion loss of precision errors.

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Great. It’s working now.Had to initialize the memory tags with a usable date to start.