Syncing Server to NTP Source

Hello everyone,

I wanted to know what the ramifications of syncing a Primary and Backup gateway to a NTP source would be if the NTP time is about 10 minutes behind the current time of the primary and backup.

E.G. the NTP time is currently 1:50PM and the time on the gateways is 2:00PM.

I assume the database will find primary key conflicts with some of the inserts but are there other issues I need to look out for before syncing up the gateways?


What kind of server OS?

If Linux, you can make it slew to the correct time instead of jumping.

I was thinking about that.

It is Windows but we are using a tool called Meingburg to act as the NTP client/server instead of the built-in Windows NTP

No clue.

oops. misspelled it: Meinburg

I'm going to see if I can make it do slow updates instead of a big jump as you suggested.

In Linux, the slewing is done by changing the kernel's clock constant so "realtime" runs faster or slower at the microseconds level--no discontinuities. If Meinburg can do that with Windows, that would be good to know. If it cannot, then even second by second jumps will produce conflicts.

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