Syncronyzing Transaction Group Time Stamps

I have an application that has a number of transaction groups that need to be reported on using a common timestamp.

Each group is set to use either a 5 or 15 sec interval, and triggered on some event common to, and significant, for the data being collected. It is a requirement that data NOT be logged at certain times, so separate Transaction Groups are needed.

The customer would like a report that stitches all the data together on a common (perhaps shared) time stamp, showing gaps marked with an X when the group is not active and collecting data.

My first idea is to create a couple boolean expression tags that are true only at the top of some interval, and then combine that with the existing trigger tag to create triggers that only happen at the top of the interval. So doing this, all 5 sec groups would have a t_stamp evenly divisible by 5; and all 15 sec groups would have a t_stamp evenly divisible by 15.

Is there an easier or better way to accomplish this?


Try using the Transaction group schedule mode. Something like “start at midnight, run every 15 seconds.”

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Cool. Thanks looks like might will work. Will give it a try.

Good call. Works well.

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