Syntax Error in the Expression

I am trying to display the Text in the Display path along with the tag value. It is giving error. This is what is written in Display path expression editor.

“Fan speed :” {[.]Fan Status.Fan Speed}

It is giving error Syntax Error on Token: ‘BOUND CONST’ (Line 1 , Char 37). How to display text and the value of tag in the display path in the alarms.

concat(“Fan speed :”,{[.]Fan Status.Fan Speed})

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It is giving error after using this concat function.

Scan Error: Illegal character <“> (Line 1 , Char 8)

Can you post a screenshot of your expression which is resulting in the error you’re seeing? Seeing the expression is more important than seeing the error.

Epression is concat(“Fan speed :”,{[.]Fan Status.Fan Speed})

I requested a screenshot. I requested the screenshot because if you copy/paste the expression as @jpark provided, the expression will fail because of the encoding on the double quotes. Note how the double quotes are slanted. The expression is failing to parse them. Type out the expression, rather than copy/pasting.

concat("Fan speed :",{[.]Fan Status.Fan Speed})

See how the double quotes in this example are NOT slanted. This is what you want.