Syntax Error on Token: 'EQUAL' (Line 1 , Char 8)

Syntax Error on Token: 'EQUAL' (Line 1 , Char 8) is the error i am getting everytime i use a equal to symbol for example I am trying to switch windows every 10 seconds and I used a timer to initiate the change and when i try Minute = I get the following error Syntax Error on Token: 'EQUAL' (Line 1 , Char 8). I am new to scripting. any help and suggestions will be appreciated.
Thank you

You're in an expression binding. You need to be using Ignition's expression language, not scripting. Expressions are a computer-science-ey term for "bits of code that always return exactly one value".

So an expression can be something like 123 or "abc", or it can run certain special expression functions, like now().

You cannot (directly) run scripts (Ignition uses Jython as a scripting language) in binding contexts. Scripts can run in reaction to something, but are not suited for bindings which must return a value, unconditionally.

If you want to do something every 10 seconds in Vision, I would use the timer component, and add an event script to it. But you will want to review your fundamentals (I would suggest or you'll just continue to end up confused.