Syntax Error on Token: 'EQUAL' when using == in expression

I keep getting "Syntax Error on Token: ‘EQUAL’ " when I use the == to check a parameter using an if statement in an expression binding.
I use if ({SomeParameter}==1,… and this always produces the syntax error, but works if I use >=. Shouldn’t the double equals sign work?

Expressions aren’t a “real” programming language (they’re an expression language), so there’s no need to differentiate the “assignment operator” (=) from the comparison operator (==). Just like if you were, say, writing an Excel formula, you just use the single-equals directly.

What’s strange is if I do use the single equals sign, it disables the expression tag. This is when it’s put in the expression field, and not the enabled field, which I don’t have anything in. However, I am using the same parameter in other tags “enabled” property to enable or disable them. I wonder if this is causing some type of issue?