SYNTAX: Jython SQL Scripting: SELECT * FROM (table) WHERE x = 1 AND y = 2

I want to use a complex WHERE statement and I am having trouble finding anything about syntax, I can successfully do it on one condition, I just get jammed up on the second condition.

my code:
system.db.runPrepUpdate(""" DELETE FROM PanelShop.dbo.ActiveList WHERE (?) in (PONum) AND (?) in (JobNum)""", [myValue, ‘{Root Container.Power Table.SelectedJobNum}’])

I have tried several variations, such as;

WHERE (?,?) in (PONum, JobNum)

WHERE (?,?) in (PONum AND JobNum)

Does anyone know the correct syntax?

You can’t use the curly-brace relative reference syntax in scripting - only in expressions. Depending on where you’re running this code (say, a button’s actionPerformed event) your property reference would be something like event.source.getParent().getComponent("Power Table").SelectedJobNum to read the same property.

Thank you for the response PGriffith, could you weigh in on the syntax of the query?
Thank you either way.

You probably want to just use where <col> = <value>, not an in comparison; that is normally used to check membership of or in a list of values. Also, when using triple quotes, you can break your query out onto multiple lines, which I like for future readability:

query = """
	PONum = ? 
	AND JobNum = ?

args = [myValue, event.source.rootContainer.getComponent("Power Table").SelectedJobNum]

system.db.runPrepUpdate(query, args)