system.alarm.listPipelines not working

The title pretty much sums it up.

I cannot get a list of pipelines configured on my project even though I am passing in my project name as a string. All I get back is an empty list. Has anyone got this function to work for them in Ignition 8.0?


It looks like the project name is case sensitive. Can you verify that’s not your issue here?

Yes. I typed it exactly as it was reported by the gateway webpage.

I just tried it on a nightly build and it worked as expected.

# Done in Perspective, but that shouldn't matter.
# Reference is the name of the project which has an Alarm Pipeline in place.
# This script works when invoked by any project on the same gateway as the Reference project.
self.custom.pipelines = system.alarm.listPipelines('Reference')

I have the following code in the Script Console:

print system.alarm.listPipelines('Project')

The output when I run it is an empty list. Why is this not working?
My version is 8.0.7

Alright. I found this in the release notes for 8.0.8:



Fixed a project name filtering issue in system.alarm.listPipelines

I updated the gateway to 8.0.8 and can confirm that it now works correctly.

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