system.alarm.queryJournal() and Script Console

I’m trying to use the method system.alarm.queryJournal() in the Script Console in order to get a feel for the data that is returned. The reason is to understand this data so I can modify some scripts in a project that were developed by others.
Unfortunately I get an “AttributeError: ‘com.inductiveautomation.ignition.designer.gui.tool’ object has no attribute ‘queryJournal’” error message in the Console. When I type “system.alarm.” and press Ctrl+Space on a new line this method does not show up in the list. Actually only three of the Alarm methods show up in that list (createRoster, getRoster, and listPipelines).
Why does this method not work in the Console? Is it a scope thing? Something else?


You don’t have the Vision module installed - for legacy reasons, a fair number of scripting functions have a dependency on the Vision module that they shouldn’t. We’re working on eliminating those, but it’s a slow burn. For testing, you could install the module and leave it on trial.

Hi Paul,

You would be correct! This project only uses Perspective. I will keep this in mind for future testing. I added logger lines in the binding script to push out what I needed to see in this instance.

I appreciate the information.