system.alarm.queryJournal with Gateway Area Network?

Have you planned : system.alarm.queryJournal with Gateway Area Network support ??

In a multiple gateway architecture, would be very usefull to be able to use system.alarm.queryJournal to query remote Alarm Journal hosted by another gateway.


Yes, we’ll have to add support for this soon. We’ll look at doing it for 7.9.1.


Great, I stay tuned for testing this feature as it will be available into a RC !

Have you ever an ETA for the 7.9.1RC with these feature ?

Right now we’re working on getting 7.8.5 up, then 7.9.1 will be very soon after that. Not sure how soon – a few weeks?

Is this feature still planned for 7.9.X ?

7.9.3 will have a system.util.sendRequest() method that can be used to implement any calls you want over the gateway network.

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@Kevin.Herron awesome! I will be able to do some damage with that call. looking forward to it!