system.alarm.queryStatus does not seem to honor includeShelved=True

I recently updated to 8.1.9 and system.alarm.queryStatus doesn’t seem to honor includeShelved=True anymore. I did a simple experiment by running a query in the script console before and after shelving:

a = system.alarm.queryStatus(source=['*/Device_1/main_alarm*'], includeShelved=True)
print a

It returns the alarm when not shelved and returns an empty array when it is shelved. Am I missing something?

@nathan1, I just tried a simple reproduction of what you describe (under a few Ignition versions, including 8.1.9) and the inclusion with includeShelved=True seems to be working as intended.

includeShelved example

@kcollins1 , thank you for testing it. I’ll dig a little deeper and try to see what’s happening. will post a video when I get a moment.

Here’s what I’m seeing when I query. I’m not sure it’s relevant but when I un-shelve the alarm it throws a brief error before going back to alarm status pane.

Interesting… I think we need to get to the bottom of that error, that might be related. Anything in the gateway status webpage logs section upon attempting to unshelve that alarm?

Unfortunately, no error in the logs. It consistently throws the error when shelving.