system.alarm.queryStatus filter trouble

i am using igniton 7.9.
i am trying to filter alarms using system.alarm.queryStatus on the alarm counter. i added displaypath=[System A/], i am getting an error.

Exception: Error executing expression binding on
Alarm Count Label.Alarm Count Label.count
caused by ExpressionException: Error parsing script for runScript() expression: SyntaxError: (“no viable alternative at input ‘]’”, (‘expression:runScript’, 1, 61, ‘__RESULT = len(system.alarm.queryStatus(displaypath=[SystemA/],state=[“ActiveUnacked”,“ActiveAcked”]))\n’))

caused by SyntaxError: ("no viable alternative at input ']'", ('<expression:runScript>', 1, 61, '__RESULT = len(system.alarm.queryStatus(displaypath=[SystemA/],state=["ActiveUnacked","ActiveAcked"]))\n'))

this is the script

if({Alarm Count Label.states} = “”,


toInt(runScript("len(system.alarm.queryStatus(displaypath = [System A/],state=[" + 
left({Alarm Count Label.states}, len({Alarm Count Label.states}) - 1) +
"]))", {Alarm Count Label.UpdateRate}))

You need to put quotes around SystemA. Also, the forward slash is a separator so not sure if you wanted to add another item or search everything beneath using a wildcard. To search everything under that path use the following:

displaypath = [\"SystemA/*\"]
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