System architecture with Mobile Module

Since things are so modular in Ignition, what are the options as to where the Mobile Module runs?

Can I have the main Gateway in a Linux box, and the Mobile module running on seperate Windows box?

I understand mobile will not run on Linux… Why is that? Headless vs Headful?

Will it run on Linux in vnc mode?

I am looking at all the possilble ways to run the mobile module to support iPads. HTML5, VNC, or RDP.

Since we have VMware Enterprise, multiple servers is not an issue.

Thanks for any help.


You can’t run the mobile module on another machine since it uses a local project. It would be possible to have another machine with a separate mobile project that communicates to the main server’s OPC-UA server for PLC data. However, that would require another Vision license.

You can run the mobile module on a Linux machine. Your linux machine has to have the X windowing environment and you have to start Ignition inside that environment. We don’t have the exact steps to get it working on a headless machine. If you install Ubuntu desktop you can get it working.

I have gotten the mobile module to work in the Amazon EC2 cloud on a headless machine. Basically X was installed and a VNC server was installed. I could VNC into the machine and start Ignition from that.

Hi Travis,
I’m really interested in how you got it working since I am trying to do the same thing. At the moment I have an EC2 instance with Ignition and Xvfb but can’t get the mobile module to work.

You mentioned starting Ignition from the VNC session, I’ll try that today.

Yeah, I started with an Ubuntu image that already had X and VNC configured. The only way for me to get into the machine was through VNC so I started Ignition inside of that environment. I couldn’t get it to work automatically if the machine rebooted. I had to start it manually through VNC every time.

A nice document on this would be great.

The ability to host the mobile module on a separate machine would be pretty sweet. Just my two cents.

AxisIt, we’re working on the ‘nice document’, but you can find a rough one at . :slight_smile:

Any chance this can be reviewed for RedHat, XFCE is not available on RHEL.

I’ve got it working and will put some documentation up when I get a chance.


I need to get the mobile module working on CentOS release 6.5. Can you post those instructions for getting the mobile module working on redhat?

I was able to get the mobile module working on CentOS by following these instructions to install the needed software: … os-6-5-x64

And then following the instructions here:

Need to make sure that the “/usr/local/bin/ignition/xvfbstart &” command gets called when Ignition starts.