system.dataset.toDataSet() - row 0 does not contain correct number of columns

I am reading datasets from tags, adding some new columns, then converting back to one dataset. I have confirmed from handful of other topics that the data in the rows are valid and that their lengths are equal. Since everything appears to be valid, I’m at a loss as to why the conversion is not happening.

print new_data[0]
print len(new_data[0])
print len(headers)
final = system.dataset.toDataSet(new_data, headers)

In my example:
Printing row 0 returns a list of length 14
new_data is a list of lists
len(new_data[0]) returns 14
len(headers) returns 14

Other topics I’ve visited:

header should go first.

final = system.dataset.toDataSet(headers,new_data)


Unreal, thank you so much for getting me over the tough Friday moment.

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