not working


I am trying to call from script console and the return is that do not has .date at all.

now =
print now

[quote=“markdobtech”] now = print now [/quote]
I had thought the same, but in 7.8, it returns a date either way.

I’m going with the local jython copy getting corrupted.

Try deleting the {userName}.ignition folder and relaunch the designer. A fresh copy should then download to your PC.

I tryed to delete .ignition and reload the designer but still fail.

Also I try other* functions and all returns the same error.

My Gateway version is 7.8.0

I have no idea why your* functions don’t work, but you can use java’s Date type directly as an alternative to java.util import Date now = Date()

Yes, this is what i did, but if the manual said that works i do not know why it not works…* was added for 7.8.1, so you won’t have it available in 7.8.0.