If I am running the system.db.refresh command through a buttons script on one window, is it possible to update a component on another window?

I have a table that displays some information that it gets through a query. To add information into the database I click a button, a popup opens, the data is entered, then a ‘Save’ button is pressed that updates/inserts data into the data base. I would also like it to refresh the table on the other screen.

I have it working by closing and reopening the other window, but is seems like refreshing it would be the way to go.


You would do this by getting a reference to the other window, getting a reference to the table and then refreshing the table’s data property. Your script (which should be run by your Save button) should look something like the following:window = system.gui.getWindow('other_window_name') table = window.getRootContainer().getComponent('table_name') system.db.refresh(table, 'data')

That works great! Thank you!