system.db.runNamedQuery does not run

Hi Ignition Experts,

I am having a trouble with system.db.runNamedQuery. I am using the script below but it never run. Can you please shed some lights on this? Thanks

Passenger_FL_Assembly_Bolt_5_Torque ="[default]Ford Raptor/Database Tags/OP20 Actual Values/OP20_Paremeters_Act_InStation/fPassenger_FL_Assembly_Bolt_5_Torque").value
Passenger_FL_Assembly_Bolt_6_Torque ="[default]Ford Raptor/Database Tags/OP20 Actual Values/OP20_Paremeters_Act_InStation/fPassenger_FL_Assembly_Bolt_6_Torque").value
system.tag.write("[default]iTestINT", 7)
system.db.runNamedQuery("Update Query OP20")
system.tag.write("[default]iTestINT", 8)						
system.tag.write("[default]Ford Raptor/Database Tags/OP20_UpdateToSQL_Done_Handshake", 1)
system.tag.write("[default]iTestINT", 9)

What is your evidence it's not running? Where are you trying to execute this script from? Are there any errors in the logs?

Without more information, I'm just guessing. If you're on the gateway scope somewhere outside of Perspective, you're likely missing the project argument: