system.db.runNamedQuery update returns the statement "did not return a result set"

I am calling a named query with parameters that properly executes the update of an MS SQL row, however it returns the following error: “The statement did not return a result set”

Below is the query call within the Query Editor of a Button Component:

params = {“ID_to_Update” : event.source.parent.getComponent(‘ID_Field’).value,
“itemNameInput” : event.source.parent.getComponent(‘Item_Name_Field’).text,
“inventoryCountInput” : event.source.parent.getComponent(‘Inventory_Count_Field’).value,
“locationInput” : event.source.parent.getComponent(‘Location_Field’).selectedStringValue}

system.db.runNamedQuery(“TestSQL Update”, params)

Below is the Named Query, “TestSQL Update”:

SET Item_Name = :itemNameInput, Inventory_Count = :inventoryCountInput, Location = :locationInput
WHERE ID = :ID_to_Update ;

The above executes correctly and updates the database properly but returns the error.

Appreciate any feedback I can get.

In the named query editor, you have to set the query type to Update so the named query execution engine doesn’t expect a return dataset.

Thanks! Worked. Appreciate the help.