system.device.addDevice bacnet LOCALBACNETDEVICESETTINGSID

I am currently trying to make a custom form for populating the bacnet device list. Eventually this will be fed data from another source to churn out a lot of these connections, rather than hand addition.

I am basing this addition off of this forum post and it works so far. However, the LOCALBACNETDEVICESETTINGSID field is abstract. It seems to be just the index of the list of local devices as seen in the dropdowns, and has no name associated with it.

Is it possible to access the BACNet Local Devices list as a list with names or is the best method of accessing this to use the index numbers only?

Modify your gateway web address to have /web/status/sys.internaldb

From there you can see which integer number is associated with each local connection.


Thank you for your help.
For anyone else that needs this, this address points to a page that allows one to query the internal databases usin SQL. The Table you want to query is BACNETIPLOCALDEVICESETTINGS .


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One more point, in the original ticket, how we built out 178 devices was to build an external spreadsheet, import it to a dataset, and then loop through it using each line to populate the device creation parameters. It takes a bit of work to gather all data up, but by importing it into ignition as a dataset you then have one concise record for connection parameters.


Thank you for this info, that is what we are trying to do.