System (EAM) Metrics tags (e.g. Vision/Perspective client sessions) for local gateway?

These tags exist for EAM agents, but what about for the local gateway?
I want to know how many vision and perspective sessions are connected on my frontend gateway (and what if I don’t have EAM installed?)
I know there’s the [System]Gateway/Sessions/SessionCount tag, but this is a sum of all clients, Designer, Vision, and Perspective Actually, I think it’s just a sum of Designer and Vision clients… I don’t see the 22 Perspective clients counted :/. I need the separated tags

If unavailable at the moment, does anyone have the hacky Gateway Context code to retrieve this? I want to be able to see if memory issues can be correlated to increases in number of clients, and which type

And system.util.getSessionInfo - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation I guess for Designers and Vision clients.
I forgot about these :slight_smile: Although, it would be nice to have these as ready-available System tags as well :slight_smile: :slight_smile:



Yeah, in fairness, I think it is still a planned thing.

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