System Function for pinging an IP through script

I’m in need of to update a numeric text field value by pinging a IP address that have in my DB
So is there any function for that in ignition or anyone can give me your advice
Thanks in Advance,

There are three projects on the Ignition Exchange that might be relevant.

Network Device Ping UDT by: Arnaud De Clerck

Network Device Status by: Bao Nguyen

Linux Network Device Ping UDT by: Michael Flagler.

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Thanks @Transistor
But can i have a detailed explanation of this

There is usually documentation with each Exchange project - both on the Exchange pages and in the download. You load it onto your gateway and launch the application. If it does what you want then you import it into your own project.

If you have a particular question then explain what you have done and where you are stuck.

If it’s just strictly pinging you can check this out

Im not sure if any of these ping from the client to the address…
but they proabbly ping from the gateway.

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Oh just noticed this is perspective. Yea all the jython runs on the gateway, so if you had a button that called the ping script in a view, it would be the gateway that ended up doing it, no matter what client clicked it.

If it’s just for checking to see if stuff is alive as a status check though that’s probably fine I would guess.