[System]Gateway/Redundancy/Connection/IsConnected - goes false when OPC device is disconnected


I’ve doing some testing on the redundancy in version 7.9.10.

I noticed that the tag [System]Gateway/Redundancy/Connection/IsConnected goes false when the the PLC is disconnected from the network, which seems a bit odd as I thought this tag only indicates whether the backup gateway is connected or not? I am using this tag to generate the backup gateway failure alarm so if it’s affected by the OPC device then the alarm will be misleading.

Another observation is that I’ve seen the tag [System]Gateway/Redundancy/Connection/PeerId displaying the loop back address instead of the actual IP address of the backup gateway even after I refreshed the folder. It only came right (displaying the backup gateway IP address) after I disabled the backup gateway and re-enabled it again.

The issue with displaying the loop back IP address only happens occasionally but the tag [System]Gateway/Redundancy/Connection/IsConnected goes to false happens every time I disconnects the PLC from network.

Does [System]Gateway/Redundancy/Connection/IsConnected suppose to go to false when the PLC is disconnected?

I am testing using two VMs running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit using just the trial license with no NTP server. The OPC driver is Legacy Allen-Bradley CompactLogix.

Many thanks.