System.gui.confirm called on non-primary desktop freezes

I haven’t had any luck making system.gui.confirm work on a non-primary desktop in Ignition 7.9.1. It will bring up the confirmation dialogue, but clicking Yes or No does not dismiss the dialogue when in a client (Designer is fine). The only way I’ve found to get rid of the modal dialogue is to kill the java process running Ignition client.

Steps to reproduce:
1 - Use system.gui.openDesktop to open a window in a secondary desktop.
2 - Add something to that window with a mouseReleased event handler with the following code:

if system.gui.confirm(u'Are you sure?', 'Confirm'): pass
3 - Test in designer, all should be well–dialogue pops up and is dismissed by touching yes or no
4 - Save and publish to client and test in client. Confirmation dialogue opens over main screen (assuming client is on secondary monitor) and then slides over to far right (rather than center) of secondary desktop on second monitor. Touching yes or no does nothing and does not dismiss the dialogue.

Anyone else run into this or have a solution?

[quote=“witman”]Anyone else run into this or have a solution?[/quote]No, I can’t say I’ve run into this, mainly because I avoid all uses of these popups. It sure looks like a bug.
That said, consider re-arranging your UIs to use a standard button for confirmation, or just stop using confirmation when the operator uses two or more affirmative actions for the operation involved. Popups break the ancient but still relevant admonition that event scripts should always run, start to finish, in less than 1/10 second.

Thanks for confirming. It took me a while to run into this as I usually avoid pop-ups as well. It looked convenient to use one in this case, but you bring up a good point about blocking code. I’ll stick with my usual methods of getting confirmation via two actions along the lines of:
1 - touch number/frame to display button with leader to it
2 - press button to take action and hide button, or touch number/frame again to hide button with no action