system.gui.moveComponent does not work over a Chart

I’m trying to move components with ‘event.controlDown’ on a page, it works fine except when moving over a Chart or Easy Chart, I also can’t see the ‘mouseX’ position when moving over the charts. Any ideas how I can move components and read the ‘mouseX’ values freely on the page over all other objects?

putting the script in both the root container AND the chart itself has allowed me to move components over the charts AND get the mouseX value. Basically I’m moving a few line components to call out areas on a graph. When I go to save the graph obviously in the saved image it doesn’t show the components on top, is it possible to show the components on top of the graph when I save it?

The save function that’s built into the graph will not accept any additional components into it, but if you want to save an image of the graph with the lines over it, the syste.print.printToImage() function takes in the component to print, and that could be the container that includes your chart and lines in it.