"system.gui.transform" does not respect layout in container

Good afternoon.

In Ignition 8.0.14, I have created a container and I have inserted an instance of a template at the bottom.
I have configured the layout of the template instance so that when resizing the container, the template always stays at the bottom of the container.

Also, I have programmed two buttons: “+” button to reset the container height and “-” button to “collapse” container.

"+" button actionPerformed:

"-" button actionPerformed:

But when I press the “-” button, the template disappears and is outside the container, instead of holding its position at the bottom

On the other hand, if I change the container size manually from the designer, the template is perfectly repositioned.

Best Regards.

IIRC, the code that drives layout is not in the components themselves, so a scripted resize of a component doesn’t trigger re-layout. I’m pretty sure it has always been this way. Sorry.