system.gui.warningBox message show Chinese word

my operator can’t read English, when i use system.gui.warningBox to create english word, it works, but if i write the Chinese, it will not able to show the Chinese word, is their any solution to make Chinese can be showed in the warning message?

Please show your code. But you probably just need to use the u'someUnicode' syntax for string literals. Note the u prefix before the first quote character.


You may also need to install the CJK fonts: Designer doesn't support Chinese well


Done, thanks

yes, the first step when i move forward to ignition 8 task is make the designer and vision client can working in Chinese, thanks for your reminds:grinning:

i found in 8.0.10RC1 Designer support Chinese
in previous version i have to replace the document jre-win
but in 8.0.10RC1 no need
Last time when i update from 8.0.7 to 8.0.8 i have to do that
but this time if i do the same action , it will report fault.
then the client can directly read the Chinese as well , perfect improvement.