System Lock Screen Logout to Custom Screen

I’m using the feature to lock the client. I have a custom log-in screen that I use for the user to log-into the client. When the lockScreen is active the user has the option to Unlock the screen or Log-out. Right now if they click log-out the client goes to the Ignition default log-in screen. Is there away to change that to make the client go to my custom Log-in screen?

The reason I have a custom log-in screen is because instead of the user entering a username and password we use a RFID badge to log-in the user which only requires a single text entry.

Any ideas of a workaround? Possibly making my own lockScreen?

Unfortunately, there is no workaround for this. You can’t change what the logout button does on the lock screen.

In this case, instead of locking the screen maybe you should just open your custom login screen. Basically, just don’t use the lock screen feature. You can close all windows and open your login screen. Something like:windows = system.gui.getOpenedWindows() for window in windows: system.nav.closeWindow(window) system.nav.openWindow("Login Screen")

Try building your own lock screen button that opens your custom login screen. You can simulate the regular screen lock by making your custom screen 20% transparent. Also set the layer on the window so that it will always be on top of your other windows.