system.nav.desktop().closeWindow() problem

I have a question that i think is simple, but i have not been able to undestand.
(I am using Ignition 8.0.8 under Linux OS (Lubuntu))
I have a problem following along with the certification under the multiple desktops theme.
I have created 2 desktops (with the new docked window option), and in the main window created 3 buttons. One button open window 1 (called DW1), the sencond opens window2 (DW2), and the third button closes window 1. the windows open with no problem and i am able to pass parameters, etc…
The problem is that when I want to close the DW1 window, I am not able to do it.
The button that opens the window has the following script:


The button that closes the window has the following script:


But the DW1 window, just minimizes, it does not close.
I have tried changing the name of the windows, calling it like “Main Window/DW1”, calling it by the screen name (system.nav.desktop(0).closeWindow(“DW1”), also (1), but it does not work.

Also, is a desktop and a window the same?

Thanks a lot in advance!

You’re not allowed to use this forum to help you with certification problems.

Ok. Is there a place where this questions can be asked?.

The whole point of a certification test is that you demonstrate your ability to solve such problems yourself.

I understand