system.nav.goBack() buggy in 7.9.5?

I’ve recently upgraded to 7.9.5 on a project (it was 7.9.3 before) and I’ve noticed that the system.nav.goBack() function doesn’t seem to be working reliably. If I navigate through three screens and press a button using the goBack() function, I’ll often times be returned to the first screen rather than the second. Other times the function seems to work as expected. Is this a known issue with 7.9.5?

I believe I have this sorted out now. At one point I had two main windows set to launch on startup, I this somehow was causing the issue because after I changed it so that only a single window would launch on startup the goBack function worked as expected.

I noticed the function isnt working for me.
Is it possible to make use system.nav.goBack() when I have 2 windows opened on startup?

Not if they are two “main” windows. You’ll have to implement your own navigation using openWindow/closeWindow if you don’t stick to the “typical” navigation strategy - one main window, x docked windows, and however many popups you desire.

Thanks PGriffith
I have in my startup a navigation with a north DockPosition locationX:0 Y:0 and a window with a Dock Position set to Floating.
But the system.nav.goBack() and system.nav.goForward() function is not responding.
Am I omitting anythig? If yes, I will appreciate an example of implementing this.
It will be great if this works.

Try creating a new ‘Main’ window and a new ‘Docked’ window and compare the attributes (start maximized, dock position, etc) and ensure that your “main” window matches the defined ‘main’ window.