system.nav.openWindow('window', {'param' : 51 }) not working

It doesn’t seem as if this is possible, but I haven’t found any references to any similar type issues so I am posting.
I hope there is something obvious I have overlooked.
I am trying create an openWindow() call with parameters, but I am not able to use these values in the target window. I used the tool to create a script behind mouse clicked EventHandler, adding the parameters.
(Code created by tool looks like this):
system.nav.openWindow(‘Main Windows/Main Power Window’, {‘equipmentId’ : 51, ‘equipIdString’ : 51})
system.nav.centerWindow(‘Main Windows/Main Power Window’)

I then create several text boxes in the target window and bind to these (custom props on Root Container) parameters 'equipmentId, ‘equipIdString’ and I never read the values of 51, they stay ‘0’ and blank.
This should be straightforward, I must have some setting incorrect.
I would greatly appreciate any assistance.

Can you post/attach the popup window?

Much thanks nmudge, I greatly appreciate your attending to my issue, 8) !

I had created my EventHandler on an instance of a template (not created by me) with a whole lot going on in it, including at least one runtime error.

I tried doing the exact same thing with the same Event Handler on a (newly created) button and it worked as I expected - I was able to see the parameter values I set with the parameters in the openWindow() call on the controls to which I bound them on the target window.

I created a new, simpler, template and it worked.

It appears as if there is something going on in this template or instance which is causing some kind of error that keeps it from getting these values at runtime.

I am not sure what it is but I have no need to maintain this old template and will create a new one that serves the same purpose. I will mark it as solved.

Okay, glad you got it worked out.